Music Production & Artist Development

  • Music Production

    Railway Studios has been behind some of Malta’s top productions for the past 7 years.
  • Artist Management

    The studios have done production work for local and international artists.
  • Corporate - Jingles, VO

    We create catchy tunes and match it with equally catchy lyrics in order to sell your goods or services through TV or radio commercials.
  • Audio / Digital Remastering

    We are specialized to improve the sound quality of your older master recordings.

Music Production & Artist Development • Railway Studios • Owned and run by Peter Borg • Based in Malta (EU)

– Music Production

At Railway, our aim is to make an artist’s dream for a song come through and exhort the performers imagination. We do this along with guiding them through the process from song writing to recording and mastering so that the final result is not only ear-catching but also be of the highest possible quality.

– Artist Management

Every artist has the ‘man behind the scenes’ which not only understands the business but also knows the artist really well to know what opportunities are good and what might hurt them. This work entails not only managing what songs the artist releases but also takes care of bookings and contract negotiations. At Railway we aim to bring out the little star in you.

– Corporate: Jingles, VO

Corporate Jingles aim to enhance brand identity and increase brand awareness in order to encourage consumer engagement. A good corporate jingle means that when you run an ad, the music used is instantly recognisable. Corporate jingles are important tools to make your ads stand out of the crowd in a saturated advertising market. At Railway we specialise in creating catchy tunes that will set your business apart from the rest.

– Audio Remastering

We master and restore older previously released songs to give them an overhaul and sound of today’s recording standard.  A remastered version shouldn’t sound over-compressed or limited, this is why we always keep in mind the original feeling. A remaster can be done for various formats such as iTunes, CDs, Vinyl, Video Game Music, Movies, and Sound Libraries.

Railway Studios

Railway Studios has been behind some of Malta’s top productions for the past 7 years.

The studios have done production work for – Bahjat, Crux, Destiny, Kurt Calleja, Kylie Coleiro, Red Electrick, Sandrina, Steve Emney, Wayne Camilleri, Aaron Benjamin, Alvin G, Andre Darmanin, Andi , Bay Kids , Big Band Brothers, Bridget Bone, Carl B, Cheryl Balzan, Chris Grech, Chris Tanti, Cryptic Street, Kafena, Daniel Genuis, David Cassar Torregiani, Debbie Stivala, Dimi Dallas, Dry Connections, Ellie and the Oscars, Emma Muscat, FCN, Franklin, Gypsy Genes, Harriet Cohen, Heavely Blue, Karma Skies, Kersten Graham, Kevin Calleja, Kid Crisis, Larissa, Mark Micallef, Mel Xkejfa, Milk mi, Nicky Bomba, Plan Zero, Planet Seed, Ruben Zahra, Seinsitive Skin, Skarlet, The Voyage, Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur, The Shack, Chellcy Reitsma, Danika, Jesper Ejrup, Norbert, Oxygyn, Stefan Galea, Tiziana, Michela and Mae Challis.

Peter Borg

"There are no shortcuts to becoming successful"

– Peter Borg

Meet Peter

Peter Borg– a fulltime, professional musician with over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. Today, Peter has established himself as an industry go-to guy and has been recognized extensively as a songwriter, music producer, guitarist, sound engineer and the owner of the Railway Studios (MT) recording studio. Peter is also a founding member of Red Electrick – one of Malta’s most successful acts of the past 10 years.

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